NOTE: All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Latest Additions

Highland Cathedral - (arr.) - $50
A lush and powerful treatment of the new standard.
Hector the Hero - (arr.) - $40
An arrangement of the tune by J. Scott Skinner.
? - ? - Green Hills of Tyrol - (arr.) - NOT FOR SALE
A medley of 2/4 marches culminating in Green Hills of Tyrol
Conquest of Paradise - (arr.) - NOT FOR SALE
From the movie 1492.
Eriskay Love Lilt (MP3) - (arr.) - NOT FOR SALE
A lullaby for pipes
Chariots of Fire Fanfare - (arr.) - NOT FOR SALE
A setting of the movie theme with bagpipes and fanfare trumpets
Chariots of Fire - (arr.) - NOT FOR SALE
A different setting of the movie theme, starting with a bit of Jerusalem (where the title comes from) and without fanfares,
Alberta Centennial - (arr.) - NOT FOR SALE
A setting of the song celebrating Alberta's Centennial, by Mary Kieftenbeld
Margaret in White (MP3) (ORIGINAL) - $50
Slow march for the processional for my wedding. Three verses, getting bigger each time.
Scotland The Brave Set (MP3) - (arr.) - $50
A medley of 2/4 marches Scotland the Brave, The Rowan Tree, The Bluebells of Scotland and Wings. Something to keep in your back pocket for when a job for bagpipes and band comes up.
Bonny Dundee Set (MP3) - (arr.) - $50
A medley of 6/8 marches Bonny Dundee, A Hundred Pipers, The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow and The Muckin O' Geordie's Byre. Another set to keep in your back pocket.
Badd Asstw Ofours - (arr.) - $50
A good set of 2/4 marches Greenwood Side, The Drunken Piper, The Back of Benachie and MacKenzie Highlanders.
Briochan & Columba - (arr.) - $75
Something dramatic.
Fortissimo 2004 Pipe Set (MP3) - (arr.) - $50
A set of Findlay MacRae in slow/quick/slow time, Home to Kintail as a lament and salsa, staying in salsa for Jimmy Blue and Ernie's Impact. More original than most arrangements.
The Price of Peace - (arr.) - $50
A slow march by Alan Clark, dedicated to the 3RCR Battalion Group in Afghanistan.
Suo Gan - (arr.) - $50
A Welsh lullaby, going from solo pipe and band, to tutti pipes, a big finish to solo pipe again.
Jig Medley 2003 - (arr.) - $50
Medley of Tripping up the Stairs, Hay in the Kiln and My Darling Asleep
Hellbound Train - (arr.) - $50
A real barnburner with some train effects thrown in for good measure.
Lord of the Dance/Black Bear - (arr.) - $40
Two traditional marches.
Flett From Flotta/Gardens of Skye - (Donald MacLeod, A. Harper, arr.) - $40
Two traditional marches.
Lt. Gen. J.E. Vance, CD - (Jeff Donnelly, arr.) - $50
A short march.
NF to BC (MP3) - (arr.) $100
A medley of provincial tunes, including Ode to Newfoundland, Farewell to Nova Scotia, Anne of Green Gables, Mon Pays, A Place to Stand, Red River Valley, Saskatchewan, Alberta Bound, and John Kanaka.
The Sound of the Pipes (tr., Barry Hingley) - $50
A slow ballad
Long To Reign Over Us (ORIGINAL) - $70
A standard march, using bits of God Save the Queen in the trio. In honour of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
Pipe Set 2002 (MP3) (tr., arr. unknown) - $50
A medley of Highland Cradle Song, Liberton Polka, The Rose Among the Heather, Jock Wilson's Ball, and Glendarel Highlanders.
Be Ye Also Ready (G.Jones, tr.) - $40
A short quick march.
Sunset Salute (MP3) (arr. unknown, tr.) - $50
Sunset done in 12/8 and adding pipes.
I Know My Love (arr.) - $75
A latin/celtic concert piece with voice.
Distant Hills (arr. unknown, tr.) - $40
A ballad for pipes.
Homeward/Sunset/Retreat (arr. unknown, tr.) - $50
Largo from Dvorak's 9th for pipes mixed in with Sunset and Retreat.
Pipe Medley 2001 (MP3) (arr.) - $75
Six years late, a medley of Gay Gordons/Camerons/Brown Haired Maiden/Scotland the Brave, complete with cliche 2001 introduction.
Maihri's Wedding (arr. unknown, tr.) - $30
Short march.
The Way Old Friends Do (arr. unknown, tr.) - $30
A slow, 2-part bagpipe tune in a rock ballad style.
Fanfare Alba (MP3) (comp. arr. unknown, tr.) - $70
A long fanfare, with the pipes coming in the middle.
Disc Drive Theme (Fanfarinette) (arr., Rameau) - $30
Imagine you're listening to CBC in the afternoon, but with a standard slow march with pipes. For the most part it works.
Waly, Waly - $40
A lovely rendition of The Water is Wide. Uses different harmonies for each verse.
Hawaii 5-0 (Proof Scotch) (arr., comp. Mort Stephens) - $50
Pinapples with a kilt! This TV theme works pretty well with Bagpipes.
Aloha Oe (Slow March and Quick March versions) (arr., trad.)- $40
Two versions of the traditional Hawaiian farewell. Works well on pipes.
The Final Countdown (tr., arr. unknown) - $50
An exciting treatment of the rock tune.
Scotland the Brave † (arr., trad.) - $40
Two choruses of the old standard.
Findlay MacRae/Galacian Jig (tr., arr. unknown) - $50
A lament followed by a sprightly jig
Garb of Old Gaul/Moonstar (Charlie Glendinning, arr. unknown)- $50
One old tune, one new tune.
Wha Shaw the 42nd/Happy We've Been Together ** † (tr., arr. unknown) - $30
Two traditional tunes
Salute to J.T. McKenzie (arr., comp. Patrick Hayes)- $30
Mr. Bear's Dance (3-Legged Jig) (MP3 File)- Bagpipe or Clarinet Solo (ORIGINAL) - $60
Mr. Bear's Dance is a jig in 9/8. The Celtic rhythms are energetic but playful. Mr. Bear is my nickname for my son. It can be performed by either solo clarinet or bagipe. A great idea for something happy.
Calypso Piper** - (arr., comp R. Matheson) - $30
A Calypso tune for bagpipes.
Carnival Reel (Calypso) (arr., comp. R. Matheson) - $30
Another Calypso tune for bagpipes.
My Heart Will Go On (MP3) (arr., comp. James Horner) - $50
From the movie Titanic. Works well for pipes. Pipes take a countermelody in the middle section.
Going Home/My Home (arr., trad.) - $40
Two traditional tunes.
Green Hills of Tyrol (tr., arr. unknown) - $40
A traditional tune.
Heyken's Serenade - (arr., trad.) - $50
Jaunty little street march.
Dmaj T.R. Peet * (arr., comp. Fraser Clark) - $30
A new Pipe tune by Fraser.
Mull of Kintyre - (arr., trad.) - $40
Traditional pipe tune revisited by Paul McCartney.
Ode to Joy (tr., arr. unknown) - $40
Quick march based on Beethoven's 9th Symphony
The Hero (Concert and Parade versions) * (tr., arr. unknown) - $50
Traditional pipe tune.
Flowers of the Forest/Mingalay * (tr., arr. unknown) - $50
Two traditional pipe tunes.
Afore Ye Go (tr., arr. unknown) - $40
Traditional pipe tune
Pipe Medley 1994 (MP3 file)* (Irish Guards Welcome to Toronto/Battle of Waterloo/Flett From Flotta) (arr., comp. unknown) - $50
A popular medley for a street march.
HEGG Hnatyshyn (ORIGINAL) - $50
A street march with the pipes taking the Trio. Named for Governor General Ramon Hnatyshyn.
Margaret in White (MP3) (ORIGINAL) - $50
Slow march for the procession for my wedding. Three verses, getting bigger each time.
Farewell to Major Milne (fanfare) (arr., comp. unknown) - $20
Fanfare with pipes.
Sands of Kuwait * (tr, arr. unknown) - $40
Slow pipe tune in honour of the Gulf War.
Edinburgh Castle (tr., comp. unknown) - $50
A standard quick march with the pipes coming in on the second and third tunes.

* Featured on Band and Pipes of the Ceremonial Guard
† Featured on To the Stars
** Featured on Fortissimo 2000 - The Canadian Forces Massed Bands Beating Retreat